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The flexible napkin




The flexible napkin machine with up to 5 flexographic printing units for the production of ¼- and 1/8-fold napkins with working width 500, 660 and 860 mm.

... the napkin machine for small-and medium-sized orders, specially designed for the manufacture of beverage-, catering-, commercial- and dispenser napkins. The machine is also available for full-surface prints in order to “help out” when additional capacity for the production of “decorative napkins” becomes necessary.

The machine can also be equipped to enable full-surface prints in order to help out when additional capacity is needed for the manufacture of decorative napkins. Flexibility is one of the strong points of this design.

A machine that grows with its production requirements!

This nonwoven converting machine captivates with its modular design and format variability by fast set-up for different production needs.

The suction folding heads are designed with different cut-off lengths for ¼- and 1/8 folded (bookfold) napkins. Folding heads with a cut-off length of 230-330 mm and 300- 400 mm are mainly produced for the production of printed high quality napkins (including printed handkerchiefs).

Technical data:

Working width
  500 mm   660 mm   860 mm
Number of lanes
  1 - 2   2   2 - 4
Flexographic printing units   1 - 5   1 - 5   1 - 5
Max. reel diameter
  1.800 mm   1.800 mm   1.800 mm
Raw material
  Tissue, 1- 4 layers, mg paper, airlaid, nonwovens and laminated materials
Open format max.   500 x 500 mm   330 x 330 mm   430 x 430 mm
Open format min.   160 x 160 mm   160 x 160 mm   160 x 160 mm
Max. mechanical performance
  350-400 m/min.   350 m/min.   350 m/min.
Max. continuous output
  1.200 pieces/min(*)   2.000 pieces/min(*)   4.000 pieces/min(*)
(*) The continuous output depends on format, folding, material, number of lanes, print, drying time of ink, machine set-up, etc.

Leadership through variability

  • short set-up times
  • perfect print quality
  • easy operation
  • smooth running due to robust and compact construction
  • low start-up waste rate
  • excellent stack quality
  • reliable continuous operation
  • high machine availability
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