Schnitt-Druck-Falz Spezialmaschinen GmbH

Modification and Retrofitting

… by specialists for specialists …

…require a team of a highly motivated team with a vast experience and attention to detail involving an intensive exchange of information with our customers. SDF is always there for you as a competent and creative partner.

You still produce with older paper converting machines and would like to modernize your production? If you would like to increase your production, improve the efficiency and quality of your machines, save energy and extend your product range, we are happy to support you – please contact us!

We will work with you on a modernization concept in order to adapt your older machines to state-of-the-art technology - whether it be SDF machines or machines of other manufacturers.

Our employees in the construction and assembly have many years of experience in the construction of special machines. Special tasks such as the modification and retrofitting of an existing machine are a speciality of SDF.

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