Schnitt-Druck-Falz Spezialmaschinen GmbH

Service & Maintenance

Service, maintenance and repair

With the purchase of a SDF High Speed Folding Machine you have taken the right decision. Your machine has been tailored specifically to your needs.

Customer service is our top priority and does not end with the sale and delivery of a new machine.

We will be happy to be there for you also in the future and not only provide maintenance support of your machine in order to avoid unexpected downtimes, we also support you with optimizing your production by reducing set-up times, training of your staff, fast spare parts supply, etc.

Our machines are characterised by first-class quality and high reliability and they are only manufactured with parts “Made in Germany”.

Should repairs nevertheless become necessary, our well-versed service technicians are waiting to provide prompt assistance. In many cases, the issue can be solved via phone support or remote maintenance.

Also the maintenance and general overhaul of third party machines including the supply of aggregates and spare parts are our speciality.

Your satisfaction is the basis of long-lasting success!

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