Schnitt-Druck-Falz Spezialmaschinen GmbH

SDF Special Machines

…for specialists by specialists.

… require an experienced team working hand in hand with devotion to detail and the willingness to intensive information exchange with our customers. SDF is your creative partner!

Our employees in the construction and assembly have many years of experience in the construction of special machines. Special tasks such as the modification and retrofitting of an existing machine are our speciality. We are also your right contact concerning the realization of a special machine concept.

Here are some examples:

… flexible printing machine „reel-to-reel“.


SDF is specialized in printing paper, tissue, composite and hand drying material and nonwoven. The new AstraFlex has been adapted to meet the special requirements of these materials.

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Centered rewinder that guarantees steady web tension for each reel diameter.


... specially designed for fitting to napkin flexographic napkin machines to expand the use possibilities of these machines such as wrapping paper, packing material, etc.

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Colour is the key! This machine sets new standards in the handkerchief production.


… a machine with up to 8 flexographic printing units and new infrared dryer “showing its colours” in this still young segment of printed handkerchief. This machine with patented, fully automated counting-, portioning- and transfer device allows up to 300 % ink application.

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