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The flexible napkin




The flexible napkin machine without print for the production of ¼- and 1/8-fold napkins with working width 500, 660 and 860 mm…

...the napkin machine producing unprinted napkins with small counts or bulk packages with high performance. This is the perfect machine for the manufacture of bulk consumer and household napkins, but also for all kind of dispenser napkins. Suitable for all kind of foldings!
Large runs produced in the smallest possible place!

This machine captivates with its flexible use, high continuous output and production reliability.

This machine captivates with quick set-up to different material and wider format variability.

The suction cylinder folding heads are designed with different cut-off lengths for ¼- and 1/8-folded (bookfold) napkins. Folding heads with a cut-off length of 230-330 mm and/or 300-420 mm are mainly used for the production of unprinted napkins.

Technical data:

Working width
  500 mm   660 mm   860 mm
Number of lanes   1 - 2   2   2 - 4
Max. reel diameter
  1.800 mm   1.800 mm   1.800 mm
Raw material
  Tissue, 1- 4-ply, dry paper
Open format max.   500 x 500 mm   330 x 330 mm   430 x 430 mm
Open format min.   160 x 160 mm   160 x 160 mm   160 x 160 mm
Mech. performance   350-400 m/min.   350 m/min.   350 m/min.
Max. continuous output
  1.200 pieces/min(*)   2.000 pieces/min(*)   4.000 pieces/min(*)
(*) The continuous output depends on format, folding, material, number of lanes, machine adjustment, etc.

Leadership by Efficiency

  • short set-up times
  • processing of all raw material
  • high production output
  • excellent stack quality
  • easy operation
  • smooth machine running due to robust and compact construction
  • low start-up waste
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